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SolteQ Freshwatermill

Delivers Fresh water and electricity
100% sustainable and at low cost prices
Windmill 20m tot 40m height
Off-grid operation possible

Total supply for Islands and waterless regions.

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Water + Electricity from the same windmill

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The new SolteQ Freshwater-Mill


  • 100% sustainable
  • low cost price
  • fresh water from:
    • sea water
    • brackish water
    • waste water
  • electricity from excess energy


  • areas with need for fresh water with
    • sufficient wind
    • non-drinkable water as source
  • Such as
  • Islands
  • Tourist resorts
  • Delta’s
  • Coastal areas
  • Golf courses

Capacities (depending on wind conditions)

  • 450 m3/day – 1.000 m3/day  (almost continuous)
  • 0 – 40 kW electricity (at higher wind speeds)

How it works ?

Wind energy is converted to high pressure

High pressure is used as prime energy for
reverse osmosis desalination

  • NO conversion losses by gear or turbine/generator for main energy flow
  • Excess energy used for electricity production

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Clear fresh water - only with wind !

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In cooperation  

SolteQ Energy develop and provide innovations and sustainable energy solutions.

In Cooperation with

IWA - International Water Association
Water Aliiance / Netherlands
Technical University of Delft / Netherlands
Fachhochschule Kln
Tafila Technical University Jordan

Supported by

Dutch Enterprise Agency
Municipality of Leeuwarden
Frysln Fernijt

For more Information please send us an email or contact us !
email:  info@solteq-energy.com 
Phone: 0653234443


... for a clean Planet.