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Saltwater Desalination with
SolteQ Hydro Wind Energy System

Wind driven fresh water production


Clean Water only by Wind energy

How it works:

The Windmill has got the normal tower and rotorblades. The Wind force will be forwarded with nearly zero losses with help of a new and patented SolteQ Hydro Drive System.
With help of this Hydro-Drive the wind force can be used directly to produce pressure. With this pressure the saltwater or brackish water will be pressed into a Reverse-Osmosis-System, which produces the clear water. The big difference is: No Gear and no electrical pressure pump in the system, nearly zero energy loss and an effectivity with up to 98%. No fuel, no electrical energy is needed - only wind.


Fully sustainable energy and water supply
Solteq Energy developed a new type windmill, which converts the wind energy into high pressure and this high pressure is used to drive a desalination unit (reverse osmosis) to produce fresh water.

No utiltity grid
Worldwide 60% of the drinking  water is produced by reverse osmosis and the majority of those  installations is using expensive fossil produced electricity. The combined water and electricity production does not require a utility grid. The concept developed by Solteq Energy is not only fully sustainable  but in areas with sufficient wind the water production costs will be cut by almost one half.

The new SolteQ Freshwater-Mill


  • 100% sustainable
  • low cost price
  • fresh water from:
    • sea water
    • brackish water
    • waste water
  • electricity from excess energy



  • areas with need for fresh water with
    • sufficient wind
    • non-drinkable water as source
  • Such as
  • Islands
  • Tourist resorts
  • Delta’s
  • Coastal areas
  • Golf courses


Capacities (depending on wind conditions)

  • 450 m3/day – 1.000 m3/day  (almost continuous)
  • 0 – 40 kW electricity (at higher wind speeds)


How it works ?

Wind energy is converted to high pressure

High pressure is used as prime energy for
reverse osmosis desalination

  • NO conversion losses by gear or turbine/generator for main energy flow
  • Excess energy used for electricity production

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